The launch of the Connecticut Political Power Rankings

7. Luke Bronin. 58.0. Look, the cool mayor is probably going to be Justin Elicker. Cool in the sense of having pulled off a surprising upset. Cool in a “mayor in a Wes Anderson movie” sense. OK, not cool. Forget I used that word. Anyway, Elicker can’t go anywhere for a while, and he’s yoked to that fast-twitch, banana republic, two-year New Haven election cycle[5]. Bronin, meanwhile, has survived some early lapses in judgment. His policy chops are strong. And a guy named Pete has made it suddenly fashionable to be a not-tall, over-educated polymath centrist American mayor. Bronin and Buttigieg, in addition to sounding like a line of expensive jams and jellies, are basically the guys your mom used to wish you’d hang around with more. Instead of …

8. Bob Stefanowski, 38.7, the guy you did hang around with while often wondering what, exactly, you were getting out of the experience. I just don’t understand this thing where you lose an election and spend the ensuing year licking your wounds [6]in public. Stefanowski has a regular weekly slot on every single Connecticut radio show that will take him, including “Crazy Ira and the Douche,” which is technically a fictional Pawnee, Ind., morning zoo program from the TV show “Parks and Rec.”

OK. That’s it for now. If you would like to be included in the power rankings or move up from your current position, send me $5. I’ve got a lot of financial problems, and I’m not wedded to any of this.

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