The Best and Worst Places To Live in the UK

But it wasn’t all bad news for England. Women in South East England’s Buckinghamshire enjoy the longest life expectancy at 85 years, while men in Surrey took the longest life expectancy with 81.5 years.

Further, the title for richest region goes to West London with a high average full-time salary of £35,464 and a high average annual gross disposable income of £39,602.

Bottom 10 Places to Live in the UK 2015

Do you agree with how the statistics have ranked your area?[1]

More to life than rankings

At Uswitch, we know that there is more to life than rankings, stats and figures, and our Qualify of Life Index merely highlights the vast differences in the experiences of people across the UK.

Whether you’re living in the best city or the worst, millions of households in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland face financial struggles including rising energy bills and credit card debt. That’s why it’s more important than ever for households to assess their budgets, and offers a great way to start.

Below you can find ways to save on everything from car insurance to mobile bills.

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Place to Live 2015 — Where did your region rank?


About the research

The[9] study assessed 138 local areas (NUTS3 regions) for 26 factors such as salaries, disposable household income, and the cost of essential goods including food bills, fuel costs and energy bills[10]. The study also factored in lifestyle issues like hours of sunshine, working hours and life expectancy to ensure a full picture of the quality of life in each NUTS3 region.

For more about the study’s methodology, read the full press release[11] .


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